A Study of Polytheism & Idolatry in the Quran


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Ahlul Bayt Assembly

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Author:  Sayyid Abbas Sayyid Karimi (Husayni)

Translator: Kelvin Lambani (Muhammad Abd al-Aziz)

Published by The Ahl ul-Bayt world assembly

Polytheists believed that only Allah was the Creator and Governor of the existing universe. They acknowledged that it was Allah who had created the world and was in charge of governing the sky and the earth, and whatever was between them. This conviction can be construed as a positive and laudable belief because it is compatible with monotheistic belief, and acceptable to monotheists. A number of verses affirm this matter, and the text presents an analysis of polytheism with respect to God and idols, using the Holy Quran as reference. It also studies idolatry with respect to resurrection and refutes that concept logically while explaining the essence of monotheism

Pages: 136

ISBN:  978 964529 661 0

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