Imam Al-Sadiq A.S.


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Author:  Shaykh Mohammaed al-Husayn al-Muzaffar

Translator: Jasim al-Rasheed

Published by Ansariyan Publications

This book presents the life account of Imam As-Sadiq a.s. position and imamate, through the Omayyad and the Abbasid dynasties, in an eloquent and attractive form. It also provides quite enough information about the school founded by that holy Imam to whom all other Islamic school referred in fields of divinity and jurisprudence. He published his views on sciences and knowledge, he summoned Muslims to adopt ethics and merits, and urged them to spread virtues secretly and keep their attribution to (ahl al - Bayt) secret. Also he prevented his followers from showing their support for them and going frequently to them openly. This is what we call dissimulation (taqiyah)

Pages: 308

ISBN:  978 964 438 011 2

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