Imam Hasan and Caliphate


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Imam Hasan and Caliphate

Author:  Qurrat ul Ain Abidiy

Translator: Sibtul Hasan Hansvi

Published by Ansariyan Publications

A common misconception is that Imam was just a peace-maker, yet nothing could be further from the truth. For Imam Hasan (as) was overwhelmingly and popularly appointed as Caliph due to his charisma, knowledge and eminent piety. Then he led the Islamic Caliphate for six months with authority and control, and he prepared his army, leading it to war against Muawiya and exhorting it to be brave and unflinching. The book also has great value as a manual of instruction on how one should obey the Imam of one’s time, in war and in peace, thus making it an excellent way of preparing for the emergence of the Twelfth Imam (ajtf)

Pages: 168

ISBN:  964 438 834 8

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