Meet the Masumeen: With Class 786


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Meet the Masumeen: With Class 786

Published by Sun Behind The Cloud Publications, this book originated from a weekly Youth Group with class 786 discussions with an inspirational speaker.

Perfect Eid gift for kids aged 7 and over

14 stories about the Masumeen in one exciting book

Full of illustrations and creative design

Over 300 pages long

ISBN 97819081100015

Inspiration, an eleven letter word with immense power, by definition is a "divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul. The book that you will hold is a proof of how powerful inspiration can be.

It seemed like it was going to be a typical day at Al-Iman Madressah.  The Students of Class 786 were known to be the most notorious class the Madressah had ever had.  The average teacher who taught that class lasted two weeks at the most.

No one wanted to teach THOSE kids, well almost no one.  It was on that one school morning EVERYTHING changed. The students of Class 786 were up to their normal chaos and didn't even notice the door open. It was their principal and standing next to him their new teacher, Mrs. Hudda. 

Mrs. Hudda looked around the classroom, it was a mess! Girls bickering, boys bullying, paper airplanes flying...  As Mrs. Hudda peered throughout the room the principal thought to himself, this poor lady has NO idea what she's in for... but in reality it was the students of Class 786  who had no idea what Mrs. Hudda had in store for them...

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