Prescription for Physicians - An Islamic Perspective


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World Federation of KSIMC London

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Prescription for Physicians - An Islamic Perspective
Author Muḥammad M Khalfan
Published by The World Federation
The physician engages in an occupation that always avails him with opportunities of serving his fellow human beings. If he manages his responsibility well, he can attain heights of perfection. In this work, the author has tried to delineate some of the most important religious directions that can regulate the work of every doctor in the best possible manner. Observing them not only elevates a person but also enables him to manifest "The Real Doctor", whose very glance pleases the ailing patient and serves as a powerful healing factor. Prophet Ibrahim ('a) says: "When I become ill, it is "He" who cures me." (Q. 26:80), which means "He" is my cure!
ISBN 978 1 909285 58 3
Pages 148

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