Set of 4 Books by Ayatollah Sayyid Fadhel Milani


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Set of 4 Books by Ayatollah Sayyid Fadhel Milani

Author: Ayatollah Sayyid Fadhel Hosseini Milani, Dean of the International Colleges for Islamic Studies, London, and Professor of Islamic Law and Philosophy at the Islamic College, London.

Recorded & edited by Amar Hegedus

Published by Islam in English Press

The source of Islamic Spirituality

As the Holy Quran is the ‘Book of Guidance’ for all humanity, here lay readers are presented with the analysis, critical interpretation and explanation of an ‘exegete’ whose contribution renders Islam’s profound philosophy and significant teaching accessible. His ‘Most beautiful Names’ are fully explained, as is the ‘The Night Journey’.

Pages: 267

ISBN:  978 0 9541585 1 2


The core of Islam

For an unbiased and clear picture of any faith, one needs to refer to its original sources to discover its essential core. Every effort has been taken to ensure that a rounded and accurate picture is provided of the personality of the Messenger, and the structure of the message, both in regard to faith and practice and the interactions between Muslims and those of other faiths or none.

Pages: 205

ISBN: 978 0 9541585 3 8

Thirty principles of Islamic Jurisprudence

As Muslims face ever greater problems in regard to individual and social life, they need expert advice to suggest accurate and precise solutions to deal with issues. This book introduces 30 major principles most needed in the above processes.

Pages: 162

ISBN:  978 0 9541585 2 1


The author explains through several chapters The significance of Prayer, Introduction to Prayer, Why we Pray, Purity of Body and Soul, Obligatory and Voluntary Prayers

Pages: 72

ISBN: 978 0 9541585 4 5

A set of four books, presented by the author at £15 per set. 


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