The Life Of Imam Mohammed Al-Baqir A.S.


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Author:  AllamahBaqir Shareef al-Qurashi

Translator: Jasim al-Rasheed

Published by Ansariyan Publications

Revered for his religious leadership, his knowledge and Islamic scholarship as a jurist in Medina, the Imam turned away completely from those political movements, and instead devoted himself to knowledge. He was the pioneer, teacher, and leader of this community during its cultural movement, and led it to wide steps in scientific studies, philosophy, theology, and medicine, thus raising its standard. founded its bases, and fixed firmly its sources.He played an important role in prospering the bright Islamic civilization throughout the generations that came after him.This book provides a detailed biography of the life of the fifth Imam, Muhammad Baqir (as): the splitter of knowledge.

Ziyarah of Imam a.s., Arabic with translation and transliteration.


ISBN:  978 964 438 044 0

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