The Lost Testament, what Christians don’t know about Christ


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Enlight Press, USA

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The Lost Testament, what Christians don’t know about Christ

Author:  Sayed Mahdi Modarresi

Published by Enlight Press, USA

Renowned scholar, Sayed M. Modarresi, searches for the lost words of Christ within other religious traditions, uncovering words that have been lost for two-thousand years. In a world marred by hate, inequality, and corruption, the lost words of Christ are a felicitous contribution to public discourse and a must read for his followers, as well as anyone searching for the unsullied truth about Jesus and his new-fangled worldview. Providing short reflections on each quotation, the author shares these insightful epigrams and attempts to exalt humanity to its uppermost potential using the sagacious vision of one of the most influential men to have ever walked the earth.

Pages: 132

ISBN:  978 0 9942409 0 3

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