The Sacred Effusion Volume 2


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World Federation of KSIMC London

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Author:  Shaykh Muhammad M Khalfan

Published by The World Federation of KSIMC

Ziyarat ‘Ashura’ is a sacred effusion and Divine banquet (ma’dubah ilahiyyah) for every human being who naturally yearns to reunite with the All-Beloved, and achieve everlasting prosperity and bliss. It is a direction to overhaul the fallen soul and elevate it to the heights of magnanimity and greatness (karamah). It is a programme for the revival of society and the destruction of evil forces. Those who may often recite it but have not yet realised its kernel, have deprived themselves of its spirit and reality.With this introduction in mind, we present this book which is a commentary of Ziyarat e Ashura. This book is the second volume in the series entitled ‘The Sacred Effusion’

Pages: 288

ISBN:  978 1 9092850 6 4

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