The Story of Karbala


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Ansariyan Publications

Author:  Ayatullah Ali Nazari Munfarid

Translator: Sayyid Hussein Alamdar

Published by Ansariyan Publications

Although more than fourteen centuries have already been passed since the occurrence of the great epic incident of A’ashura,this life giving and refreshing movement still remains alive in the form of a most challenging and interesting topic of research. Since it’s very beginning the heroic uprising of Aba Abdullah (AS) has been a matter of profound debates among the Islamic as well as non Islamic thinkers and intellectuals, who want to learn lessons from the past important historical incidents of the Islamic history. Focusing on lenght the tragic saga of Karbala from the beginning till after the tragedy. The writer reproduces beautifully the sweeping historical incidences, including the accounts of the well-known martyrs of Karbala. This uniqueness of this books comes from the classification and comprehensive gathering of the information contained therein.

Pages: 550

ISBN:  978 94 219 243 4

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