Adab As-Salat The Disciplines of the Prayer (Paperback)


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Adab As-Salat, The Disciplines of the Prayer - (Paperback)

Author:  Imam Khomeini

Translator: Muhammad Ja’far Khalili & Salar Manafi Anari

Published byInternational Affairs Department

The Sala (prayer), beside its form, there is a meaning, and apart from its exterior it has an interior. Just as the exterior has its disciplines, neglecting which would render the outer form of the Salat invalid or incomplete, likewise its interior has cordial spiritual disciplines, neglecting which would render the spiritual Salat invalid or incomplete; whereas observing them would inspire the Salat with a heavenly spirit. The author gives a detailed explanation of the strict disciplines and moral secrets, and the most proper way of performing prayer

Pages: 455

ISBN:  978 964 335 254 7

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