Hadith Al Kisa: The Event of the Cloak - Children's Version


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Hadith Al Kisa: The Event of the Cloak - Children's Version

Author : R Mughal

Publisher: Fourteen Five Limited

Children's Hadith Al Kisa (The Event of the Cloak), highly reveres the Ahlal Bayt (The Holy Prophet of Islam and his immediate family) with regards to their unique status over the Muslim community.

Within this narration is a wealth of admirable traits of love and courtesy that stem from perfect faith in the Almighty Allah.This colourful book for children serves to narrate this beautiful and significant event in Islamic history.

Also, to introduce the impeccable servants of God, such that they emulate their actions to lead a faithful and fulfilling life.

This book is an absolute keep sake and a great starting book to build on!

Paperback version

Pages: 44

ISBN-13: 978-1916416109

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