The Prolegomena To The Quran


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Author:  Sayyid Abul-Qasim al-Musavi al-Khui

Translator: Abdulaziz A Sachedina

Published by Ansariyan Publications

The book, first published in Arabic in 1974 and since translated into English, presents al-Khu'is ideas on the interpretation of the Qur'an. In it, al-Khu'i treats many critical and controversial topics associated with the collection and canonization of the text, including the possible alterations to the Qur'an introduced by succeeding generations of reciters. Throughout, he stresses the importance of understanding the historical setting in which the Qur'an was revealed in order to apply its provisions appropriately in contemporary Muslim society, with its ever-expanding legal and ethical requirements. In addition to expounding his own views, al-Khui also has the polemical purpose of refuting Sunni beliefs and concepts concerning various matters related to the theories of alteration and abrogation in the Quran. His arguments illuminate some of the substantial yet little-understood and appreciated issues that have been truly at stake between the two principal segments of the Muslims.

Pages: 288

ISBN:  978 964 438 138 6

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