House Of Sorrows


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Islamic Publishing House

House of Sorrows

Author:  Shaykh Abbas al-Qummi

Translator: Aejaz Ali Turab Husain

Published by Islamic Publishing House

Where would you go after your father had been killed and his body lie in the masjid waiting a proper burial? Where would you go when your inheritance was stolen from you and your honour and dignity had been challenged? Where would you go when your husband's rights violated, and he was being dragged through the streets with chains around his neck? Where would you go when you were physically attacked, had a miscarriage and yet no one was there to help and assist you? Where would you and your two young children go to escape the mayhem and insanity of a community hell-bent on removing the name of the faith of Islam and the legacy of the Messenger of Allah for eternity? The first ever book in English (translation of Baytul Ahzan) details the last six months of the life of the only daughter of Prophet Muhammad, Fatema az-Zahra, and focuses on the status of Lady Fatema from Qur'anic verses and traditions and delves into the events immediately preceding the death of Prophet Muhammad. There are a number of events discussed in this text such as Saqifah, the taking of Fadak, and then, in vivid words, goes through the last months of her life. Be prepared to shed tears as you read the heart-wrenching events of what happened to az-Zahra as recounted and narrated in the major books of the Ahlus Sunnah and the Shi'a.

Pages: 244

ISBN:  978 0 9809487 2 1

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