Imam Muhammad al-Baqir


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Imam Muhammad al-Baqir

Author:  Sayyid Mundhir Hakim & Sayyid Shabuddin Husaini

Translator: Sayyid Hussein Alamdar

Published by: Ansariyan Publications

The period of the imamate of Imam al-Baqir (a) was contemporary with the weakening of the Umayyad government and the struggle among them for power. In this period, Imam al-Baqir (a) made a great scientific movement which reached its peak at the time of his son Imam al-Sadiq a.s. His narrations in religion, Quranic sciences, moral conduct, and manner were a great step was taken towards organization of Shi'i thought in different fields including ethics, fiqh, kalam, exegesis, etc. Great scholars from the Sunni school of thought have attested to his scholarly and religious fame.

Pages:     296

ISBN:  978 964 219 302 8

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