Imam Reza's A.S. Pilgrimage


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Compiled by: Ali Peiravi

Edited by Liza Zaynab Morgan

Published by Ansariyan Publications

The book presents several traditions regarding the nobility of the pilgrimage to the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza, together with two authentic pilgrimage procedures, quoted from Sheikh Sadooq's book Uyun Akhbar al-Reza, and the second one is quoted on the authority of Imam Reza a.s. The book also includes pilgrimage prayer called Ziyarat-i-Jame'a Kabeere as recorded by Sheikh Sadooq in his books Man La Yahzorohul Faqih and Uyoon Akhbar al-Reza, and Dua Aali’l-Mazaameen

Arabic text with English translation

Pages: 104

ISBN:  978 964 438 565 0

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