God And His Attributes


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God and His Attributes

Author:  Sayed Mojtaba Musavi Lari

Translator: Hamid Algar

Published by Foundation of Islamic C.P.W.

The author explains the monotheistic view of Islam with brilliant clarity. Drawing heavily on the tradition of the Prophet as well as extensive quotes from the Quran, the author convincingly refutes the materialistic point, while presenting sound reasoning for the monotheistic world view, surveying the creedal basis of Islam, combining philosophical reasoning with simplicity of works, manifestation of God in nature, opinions concerning God's Justices, analyses of misfortune and hardships, free will of man, forms of God's will, volition, with discussion on fate and destiny as some of the subject so brilliantly focused upon

Pages: 204

ISBN:  978 964 5817 53 2

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