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Spiritual Mysteries and Ethical Secrets - A Transalation of Al-Haqa'iq fi Mahasin al-Akhlaq
Since its completion in the seventeenth century, this book has been lauded as a valuable textbook on Islamic spirituality and ethics as well as a spiritually enlightening read. This ground-breaking translation brings to light how Fayd Kashani engages with the Sunni Sufi tradition – particularly the ideas of al-Ghazzali – for the benefit of a Shi‘a audience. In addition to presenting the inner mysteries of Islamic ritual practices, Fayd also explains the nature of the human character and how to cultivate, balance, and eliminate various traits. Fayd Kashani centres his discussion on verses of the Qur’an and narrations (hadiths) from the Prophet Muhammad (S) and the twelve Imams (A). Serving as a useful reference work, this book includes the original Arabic narrations for the reader’s convenience. 
Fayd Kashani (1598-1680) was a renowned Iranian Islamic scholar who specialised in hadith, jurisprudence, philosophy, and mysticism. He left behind over two hundred works, including al-Wafi, one of the most influential modern collections ofhadith.
Author: Mulla Muhsin Fayd Kashani
Translation: Amina Inloes, Nazmina Virjee, and Muhammad Reza Tajri
Hardcover: 667 pages
ISBN: 978-1904063506

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