Tales of the Jinn


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Tales of the Jinn

Author:  Dr Ibrahim Abbasi

Translator: Naser Karimi

Published by Moj-e-Aram (Soft Wave Publications)

Does the term 'jinn' sound mysterious to you, are there unanswered questions regarding these surprising creatures in your mind or are you simply unaware about answering questions regarding them to your children? If so, then this book is a must have. Although some people, including Muslims deny their existence as being barely figments of people's imagination, Allah in the Holy Quran has propounded them as a reality, and has a whole chapter named after them. The Qur'an talks about their creation and has mentioned them as creatures possessing intellect, duty and understanding. The auhor aims to answer the reader's questions in a proposed and subtle manner while the reader can divulge into the matters of those that are the subject of this book.

Pages: 103

ISBN 964 95361 2 4

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