The Qaem In The Quran


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Author:  Sayyid Hashim bin Sulaymaan al Bahrani

Translator: Sayyid Mohsen al Husaini al Milani

Published by Shiabooks Canada

With over six thousand narrations about the Qaem in other Muslim books, this particular book, The Qaem in the Quran, examines 132 verses of the Holy Qur'an that specifically pertain to the 12th Imam (ajf), and each verse being thoroughly explained by the Ahlul Bayt with an analysis of the inner and outer meaning of these verses, and how they pertain to the Twelfth Imam (ajf). This specifically is an extremely strong and unique resource, for it boasts a collection of some of the most clear and beautiful verses from the Holy Quran about the Master of the Times.

Pages: 311

ISBN:  0 9781478 0 4

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