The Role Of The Ahl-Bait In Building The Virtuous Community


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Author:  Ayatullah Sayyid Muhammd Baqir al-Hakim

Translator: Badr Shahin

Published by The Ahl ul-Bayt world assembly

An elaborate thesis on how the purified Ahlul Bayt played their role in the post Prophetic era in building a virtuous Community. The series is comprised of 8 volume set.

vol. 1 "Goals and Characteristics",

Vol. 2 "General rules and Fundamentals"

vol. 3 "General System of the virtuous Community"

vol. 4 " The Security System of the virtuous Community"

vol. 5 " The Economic System of the virtuous Community"

vol. 6 " The System of Social Relations of the virtuous Community"

vol. 7 " The Ritual System of the virtuous Community"

vol. 8 "The System of Devotional acts of the virtuous Community"

Pages: 1556

ISBN 9789645297266 -7273-7280-7297-7303-7310-7327-7334

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