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Author:  Hujjat Islam Maulana Muhammad Hasan Ja’fari

Translator: Syed Athar Husain SH Rizvi

Published by Islamic Seminary, India

Salah (ritual prayer) is unarguably the foundation of Islam. Having been commanded during the Night of Ascension (Mi‘raj), it is a blessing granted to Muslims by Allah. Our daily prayers constitute training grounds for such a glorious exaltation; all believers purify their morals and attain the dignified state of humanity through prayer no matter how it is performed. This book provides further details on obligatory (daily, Juma’a, Ayaat) prayers and its rules, and gives details of the recommended prayers like Ahad, Ihtiyat, Midnight prayers, Ghuls-e-Mayyit.

Pages: 153

ISBN:  978 81 908880 1 1

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