The Image of the Holy Prophet’s household


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The image of the The Holy Prophet’s household in the Quran and Hadith

Author:  Muhammadi Rayshahri

Translator: Ahmad Rizwani and M.Reza Mesbahi

Published by Organisation of Dar ul-Hadith

The traditions brought up in this book, which contain about  500 quotes from Holy Quran and Hadith,  on familiarization with Ahl a-Bayt, their features, knowledge, rights, friendship and enmity to them clearly indicate that the Holy Prophet of Islam s.a.w. has introduced to the people, a specific group of his near kin for the political, scholarly and moral leadership of the Muslim world with the most expressive words.

Arabic text with English translation.

Pages: 531

ISBN:  978 964 7489 00 33

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