The Kingdom of Joy, Tales from Rumi


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The Kingdom of Joy, Tales from Rumi

Author: Abdul Rahman Azzam

Illustrations by Fatima Zahra Hassan

Published by: Bookchase UK Limited

Hundreds of years after his death, the stories of Rumi continue to enchant the old and the young. Whether he was writing about frogs and parrots or sultans and scoundrels, the charm and attraction inherent in the stories point to a timeless element that draws on the sacred, the source constantly being the Qur`an.

The stories of Rumi are simply commentaries on verses or themes found in the Holy Book, for a couple of verses in the Mathnawi or a simple story about a sleeping bear or a bald parrot can not only entertain and amuse but also educate and transform the soul..

Pages: 154

ISBN:  978 0 946079 89 7

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