The Truth Revealed - Kalematul Haqq Volumes 1 and 2


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The Truth Revealed - Kalematul Haqq  Volumes 1 and 2

Written by Hamid bin Shabbir

This first volume highlights the crucial role played by Ali Ibne Abi Taleb in the establishment and preservation of Islam from the first moment of its announcement to the migration of the holy Prophet from Mecca to the city of Medina. In addition, various verses from the Quran have been referenced for the benefit of the readers in an attempt to apprise and enlighten them of the elevated status of the Ahlul Bait

The second volume in this series, emphasises our love and obedience to Ahlul Bayt, whose infallibility and character are as pure as that of the Prophet. The book also mentions various traditions that show respect to Fatima Zehra a.s.the leader of the women of the universe, respect to Lady Khadijatul Kubra, the beloved of the Prophet and upholds highly the status of the Prophet’s close companions.

Publisher Islamic Humanitarian Service

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