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Author:  Ayatullah Ibrahim Amini

Translator: Hamideh Elahina

Published by Ansariyan Publications

This book is written for the youth about the definition of Imamate and privileges of the Imams, their positions, duties, characteristics and their knowledge, together with arguments for Imamate are presented admirably with brief biographies of the twelve Imams and how their lives intermingled. The present book is written in four chapters:

The first chapter is about definition of Imamate and privileges of the Imams. The second chapter is about Prophet Muhammad’s (s) Household, as mentioned in the Holy Quran and the traditions. The third chapter discusses the Imamate reasons. Finally, chapter four introduces the infallible Imams (`a), specific reasons for Imamate of each of them, virtues, ethical values, knowledge, worship, and moral journey of these selected servants toward the Exalted Allah. This is the most important part of the book, so that we may follow the pattern of the infallible Imams (`a).

Pages: 336

ISBN:  978 964 219 184 0

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