The Event of Taff - The Earliest Historical Account of the Tragedy of Karbala


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Author:  Abu Mikhnaf Lut bin Yahya al-Azdi al-Ghamdi al-Kufi

Revised by Shaikh Muhammd Hadi al-Yusufi al-Gharawi

Translator: Umar Komo

Published by The Ahl ul-Bayt world assembly

The narration of the lord of the martyrs, Abu ‘Abdillah, (as), “I consider death to be nothing but martyrdom, and living with the tyrants as disgusting.”  has served as a beacon for mankind in one of the greatest historical events. Abu Mikhnaf was the first historian to systematically collect the reports dealing with the events of the Battle of Karabala His work was considered reliable among later Shi'a and Sunni historians like Tabari. He has based his work on the eyewitness testimony of Muhammad ibn Qays, Harith ibn Abd Allah ibn Sharik al-Amiri, Abd Allah ibn Asim and Dahhak ibn Abd Allah Abu, Abu Janab al-Kalbi and Adi b. Hurmula, Muhammad ibn Qays.

Pages: 432

ISBN 978 964 529 266 7

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