Imam Ali and Political leadership


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Imam Ali and Political leadership

Author : Muhammadi Rayshahri

Translator: Ahmad Rizwani

Published by: Dar ul-Hadith Publication

The separation of church and state has always been the norm in the West, even during medieval times when the Church had a large stake in politics and acted as a major political player.  Unfortunately, in the Islamic world, too, with the death of the Holy Prophet, “temporal power” was divorced from spirituality and religious morality, politics being perceived as a purely secular enterprise. The author analyses the political thought and practical policy of Imam Ali (A.S.), presents Imam's practical behaviour during his imamate and caliphate, the features of Islamic government and Muslim governors in matters of administrative, judicial, security, cultural and warfare policies. mutual responsibilities of governments and people towards each other, the factors of weakness and fall of governments

Pages: 612

ISBN:  978 964 493 540 4

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