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Naba Cultural Organisation, Iran

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Author:  Mansour Pahlavan

Published by  Naba Cultural Organisation

At the heart of every religion, there is a belief in the saviour, the Rescuer of human communities. Such a belief is commonly accepted among the major religious doctrines. All the people believe that one day the Saviour will come and rid the world of all evil. The only difference among the religions, regarding this particular belief, is in the identity of the Saviour. He has been introduced as a different person in every religion, and in the religion of Islam, with which we are currently concerned; he is none but Imam Mahdi (p.b.u.h.), who will one day emerge as the Saviour of mankind. He is the same person who, by the will of Allah, will overpower fragile doctrines, and will pursue and accomplish the objectives of the Last Prophet, Muhammad (p.b.u.h.). Belief in the Saviour is the most genuine and fundamental Islamic beliefs. Since it is necessary for every Muslim to know Imam Mahdi (p.b.u.h.), the author, in this short study here, presents this fundamental belief and an introduction to the life of Imam Mahdi (p.b.u.h.).

Pages: 47

ISBN:  964 8323 52 6

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