Shia The Misunderstood Islam


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Shia The Misunderstood Islam

Author: Sheihu dalhu Abdul-Mumin

Published by: Ansariyan Publication

Most people are bewildered where Islam is, when it is reduced to Shia/Ahlul-Sunnah sectarian issues. We have several denominations viz. Shia and the four Sunni sects, that is Hannafi, Maliki, Shafi and Hanbali, all claiming to be the right Islam. The author argues that since the four Sunni sects were either students or graduates of Imam Ja’far Sadiq school, then how could these sects be accepted and not the teacher. The author further adds that Muslim generations of the first three centuries never followed any of the four Sunni sects.

Pages: 296

ISBN:  978 964 219 515 2

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