Journey To The Unseen World


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Journey To The Unseen World
By; Sayyed Hassan Najafi Quchani
LIfe after death, is of course, a specially difficult topic to analyze, understand and then explain in simple language is next to impossilbe. This is because man has only experienced a life which is very limited; in comparison, Barzakh is infinite and unlimited. Apart from this, the events which will take place after death are those which are yet to occur; and man's knowledge and information are always based on past events which have already occured. Hence how can man have knowledge of a thing which is not yet to experience?The author has attempted to brief details of the Barzakh. This book attempts to draw a picture of the Barzakh in the light of the Qur'an and the traditions of the Prophet and his successors. It shows the bliss of the virtuous and the wretchedness of teh evil-doers, with the help of examples and hints taken from the verses and the traditions.
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Pages: 206

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