IQTISADUNA – Our Economics 2 volumes with 2 Parts each


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World Organization for Islamic Services

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Iqtisaduna – Our Economics 2 volumes with 2 Parts each

Author:  Muhammad Baqir as-Sadr

Translator and Published by World Organisation for Islamic Services

This incredible work by the author presents the subordination in the Islamic world to the practices of the West as the leader of modern civilisation, as expressed in three occurring forms, political, economic and methodology as practised in the Islamic world in numerous experiments. The author presents this incompatibility between the methods of the West and religious beliefs of the Muslims and despite its suffering from disunity and disintegration, the Islamic world has great influence in directing attitudes, raising feelings and determining opinions. The book was written in order to state the foundations of the Islamic economy and its difference from other prominent economic doctrines. It introduces and criticizes the economic doctrines of Marxism and capitalism, and then outlines the Islamic economic doctrine.


Pages: 851


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