Khums - An Islamic Tax - Revised 4th Edition 2014/1435 AH


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Khums - An Islamic Tax - Revised 4th Edition 2014/1435 AH

Author:  Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi

Published by Al-Ma’arif Publications

Khums is an issue every practising Shiah must deal with once a year. The need for an easy to understand, yet comprehensive guide has been felt for years. Especially now more than ever, with the financial complexities of our world today. Some practical issues related to Khums were also added in chapter two for those who live in the West. This text deals with the Islamic obligation of the payment of Khums, its basis in the Qur'an and tradition, its legal limits, and the modes of its distribution.

Pages: 66

ISBN:  978 0 920675 15 1

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