Lost in the Woods - Power of Salawat (Paperback)


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Lost in the Woods - Power of Salawat ( Paperback )

by Lucky Mom

Muslims children living in non-Muslim societies, do not hear the sweet sound of Azan from the mosque, and they are not learning the prayers at school or hearing them on TV. To teach them the prayers or talk to them about Islam, it becomes difficult, perhaps impossible, or even more complicated because we pray in Arabic, which is a foreign language for many of us.
It becomes discouraging, and many quit, with later regrets. We do not realize how much the environment teaches the child about God and religion until we find ourselves in a position of losing our children to other faiths.

To make the matter even worse, we do not have the tools to teach the religion in a way our children can relate to and in many cases, we lose them. We create adults that say we do not believe in God. Imam Ali (peace be upon him) has taught us not to impose our old ways of life and upbringing to the children because they were born for a different time.

The book is written for kids that live in the Western world, to learn the Salawat , its use, its importance, and hopefully get them ready for Salat, and written in a way they can relate to.

ISBN 9781543454680

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