Mary And Jesus In Islam


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Author:  Yasin T. al-Jibouri

Published by Ansariyan Publications

This book is an attempt to bring Christians and Muslims of the world closer to each other, to bridge the gap between faiths, to establish an alliance among them, so that they may together be able to face the challenges of the present such as extremism, the new menacing plague that is endangering the lives of so many people. The book also traces the times and circumstances when concepts of "son of God", "Holy Trinity" and "salvation" crept into Christianity and distorted the pristine faith brought by Christ. At the same time, it highlights Qur'anic verses that beautifully paint a portrait of Jesus Christ and his saintly virgin mother, Mary, testifying to the truth brought by Christ, to his miracles, guidance and truth. The information is presented in a flowing style that captures the attention of any reader, including one who just is looking for a good story to enjoy.

Pages: 128

ISBN:  978 964 219 064 5

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