Qom And The Virgin of The City - A Guide for Visitors and Tourists


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Ansariyan Publications

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Author:  Kamal as-Sayyid

Translator: Abdullah al-Shahin

Published by Ansariyan Publications

There is no an accurate dating about the establishment of this city nor a certain reason behind its name. There are some historians confirming that its history belongs to the pre-Islamic conquest period relying on some historical manuscripts. The fate that had willed the city to be one of the sacred cities after its ground had embraced the pure body of Fatima, the daughter of Imam Musa al-Kadhim (a.s.) in 201 a.s. Hence it could be said that since that date, the city of Qom had begun to ascend the stairs of glory to be at the head of the Islamic capitals.

Pages: 152

ISBN 978 964 219 207 6

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