Sayings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad s.a.w


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Author:  Sayyid Zainul-Abidin Razavi

Published by Ansariyan Publications

The oldest and noblest tribe in the whole of Arabia was Banu Hashim. They were the descendants of Ibrahim through his son Isma'il. The Arabs respected and loved them for their goodness, knowledge and bravery. A few sayings and narrations of the, the Holy Prophet, with explanatory notes and all translated into English

·        True Scholars: Muslim jurisprudents are trustees of divine messengers, as long as they do not enter the worldly pleasures.

·        The Irresponsible: Cursed is the person who lays the burden and responsibilities of his life on others.

·        Knowledge: sleep of the learned excels the prayer of the ignorant.

Pages: 32

ISBN:  978 964 219 208 3

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