Supplications and Deeds for the whole year – 3 volumes


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Supplications and Deeds for the whole year – 3 volumes

Al-Iqbal Bil-A’amal Al-Hassana Fima Ya’mal Marat Fil-Sana

Author: Al-Seyed Razi Al-Din ibn Tawus

Translator: Ali Peiravi & Talat June Peiravi

Published by Ansariyan Publications

The book contains du'as, ziyarat, and prayers recommended by the Ahl al-Bayt (a) at specific times during 12 months of the year. The 3 volumes have been divided into 12 chapters, each chapter covering about one month, which are also divided into sections and parts, so that practices related to individual days are easily accessible. In addition to recommended practices, the author has included points he has deemed important for readers to consider, such as the position of the awliya' (the friends of Allah), achieving purity of intention in acts of worship, and the secrets behind du'a, prayer and other practices.

Pages: 1672

ISBN:  978 964 219 554 1

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