The Compassionate Family


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The Compassionate family

Author:  Imam Khanenei

Translator: Alexander Khaleeli and Mona Makki

Published by AIM Foundation, London, UK

Family is the foundation of society, and from it stems new life and a thriving purpose to develop and achieve great things. It is the cornerstone of life and is humanity’s greatest social contribution. In Islam, marriage and the formation of a family is regarded as one of the most important objectives for s person to achieve. This importance is demonstrated through the judicial and moral teachings of Islam, which guide us through an array of family issues in order to cater for our spiritual and physical needs. Today, we live in a world where secularism, individualism, and materialism have been aggressively pushed at the human consciousness such that family values are being undermined and eroded, resulting moral decay. This book, containing an inspiring collection of advice and guidance on Marriage, Family, and Gender is a humble contribution to address this important subject

Pages: 147

ISBN:  978 0 9957589 0 2

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