The Story Of Ashura With Illustrations


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Author:  Mohammad Saeed Bahmanpour

Translator: Narges Bahmanpour

Published by Nedabbok, Iran

Despite being a sad and tragic event, the story of Ashura, since its inception, has always been a source of inspiration and stimulation for people from all walks of life. Husayn made himself a target of spears and swords, endured the agonizing experience of his loved ones' death, witnessed the thirst of his children, and accepted the captivation of the ladies of his family with an open heart, to stand out, according to the prediction of the Prophet as the "shining lamp of guidance and the ark of salvation." This book is an illustrated depiction of Karbala's story which, despite its simple language, relies on original and authentic sources. It aims to bring home this magnificent piece of human history to the minds and hearts of our youngsters.

Pages: 64

ISBN:  978 964 6316 38 6

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