Usul Al-Kafi: Vol 1 The Book Of Reason And Ignorance


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Author: Shaykh Abu Jaffar Muhammad ibn Yaqub ibn Ishaq al-Kulayni ar-Razi

Translator: Shaykh Muhammad Rida al-Jafari

Publishers: World Organisation for Islamic Services

Al Usul part one – The Book of Reason and Ignorance

A collection of the traditions of the Holy Prophet (SAW) by a renowned traditionalist of 3rd Century A.H., which constitute the secondary sources - the Holy Qur'an being the first- whereby one may obtain a better understanding of Islamic beliefs, jurisprudence, history, biographies, morals and behavior, the kinds of worship, business, considerations for the individual, family and society, etc. The word Al-Kafi means “that which is sufficient”; that is, the book was intended to be a comprehensive collection of Imami-Shi'i traditions. The present book consists of English translation and Arabic text.

Pages: 73


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