Uyun Akhbar Al- Reza 1-2


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Author:  Sheikh Sadooq

Translator: Ali Peiravi

Published by Ansariyan Publications

This is the first volume, divided into 30 chapters, gives an insight into the erudition and holiness of the Imam a.s. and the narration of His ahadith which has gone down in history as Al-Silsilatul Dhahabiyyah (The Golden Chain) that is transmitted from Imam to Imam from The Prophet s.a.w. The book describes Imam Ar-Ridha's a.s. appointment to Imamah by his father. It carries detailed accounts of the debates that took place on the Infallibility of prophets and the legitimacy of the immediate successorship of Imam Ali a.s. in which Mamoon also argued in favour of Imam Ali a.s. legitimate immediate succession after The Prophet s.a.w. The second volume starts from chapter 31 and ends at chapter 69, each of which treats a certain topic related to the Imam a.s. The Imam a.s. brilliant expose on Imamah and the difference between itrah and ummah are recorded in this book

Pages: 1384

ISBN:  978 964 438 791 3

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