Yasser and Zahra Discover Surah Lahab


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Yasser and Zahra Discover Surah Lahab
You could feel the tension on the soccer field; there were only 11 spots on the team and 30 children trying out!
As Yasser and Zahra run to join their friends, Madeeha quickly realizes that the other girls on the field are much more skilful than her! She tries a different tactic, and whispers a lie in Sunya’s ear. Soon, all the girls are busy gossiping and spreading rumours.
Nearby, Yahya and Maytham rest under a tree, “Don’t worry, we are guaranteed spots on the team. My dad bought all the equipment and uniforms!” Jabir wasn’t so sure, could money and influence really buy you a place on the team? The boys begin to argue.
Grandfather, who had been quietly observing all the chaos on the field that morning, brought some refreshing watermelon to cool everyone down. As he got closer, Yasser and Zahra saw a twinkle in his eye. He was holding a copy of the Holy Quran, and so they knew, it must be time for an extraordinary adventure!
Join Grandfather, Yasser, Zahra, and their friends on a journey through time as they learn lessons from Surah Lahab!

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