Nahj Al Balaghah - For Children

Nahj Al Balaghah - For Children...


Nahjul Balagha - Peak Of Eloquence English Only

4 out of 5

Nahjul Balagha - Peak of Eloquence (English only)...


Sayings of Imam Hasan Askari

Author:  Sayyid Zainul-Abidin Razavi Published by Ansariyan Publications ► A good collection of maxims and wonderful words of the eleventh Imam a.s. on different social and educational issues that are considered to be treasures of the Islamic literature. With explanatory no...


Ali follows the example of the 14 Masumeen

Ali follows the example of the 14 Masumeen Author:  Musa al-Taqi Published by Ansariyan Publications Examples in ethics of the Masumeeen followed by a young man in his daily tasks. With wonderful illustrations. Pages: 42 ISBN:  978 964 219 343 1 ...


Gifts from God, series 1-6

Gifts from God, series 1-6 Author: Gholam Reza Heidary Abhari Translator: Ayman Published by: Ansariyan Publications It is important for children to discover the world around them and the wonders of creation. It increases their curiosity, knowledge and helps them develop a positiv...


Kitab al-Tawhid

Kitab al-Tawhid Compiled by: Al-Shaykh al-Saduq Translator: Allamah Ali Raza Rizvi Published by The Saviour Foundation This book is a hadith collection wherein Muhammad b. 'Ali b. Babiwayh, known as al-Shaykh al-Saduq, with the slightest degree of interference in the texts of narr...


Umrah, a concise pocket guide

Umrah, a concise pocket guide Compiled by: Mulla Gulamhusein Kanji Published by Al-Murtaza Foundation The booklet is a concise and essay reference guide to Umrah Mufrada, its masaels according to edicts of Ayatullah Syed Muhammad Ridha Gulpaygani, and some added Dua and Ziyarats. Arab...


The Baqi Cemetery: Past, Present & Future

The Baqi Cemetery: Past, Present & Future By Sheikh Mohammed al-Hilli The first detailed and fully colourful book on Baqi Cemetery Fascinating history of the shrines before demolition with eye witness accounts Full of images and detailed maps Exciting glimpse into futur...




Eimaan Hujjat Bookshop

We are a community that was established in Hammersmith, London about 40 years ago, to cater for the religious and social needs. Since those early days, we have grown to a nearly 5000 member community now based in Stanmore, providing religious, social and educational needs of the community. Eimaan is belief with the heart, acknowledgement with the tongue and action with the limbs. Imam Ali (as)

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