Kitab E Sulaym Ibn Qays Al Hilali


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S&N Rizvi, England

Author:  Sulaym ibn Qays al Hilali,

Translator: Syed Ali Abid Rizvi & Al Fazelah Nilam Rizvi

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The original text, containing 91 Hadiths, was verified by Ameerul Momineen a.s., Imam Hasan a.s., Imam Husain a.s., Imam Zainul Abedin a.s. and Imam Mohammad ibn Ali al Baqir a.s., is an insight into the Hadith of our Prophet s.a.w. and of Imam Ali a.s. To quote Imam Jaffer al Sadiq a.s. "If anyone from our Shias and devotees does not have this book, then he does not have any of our things and goes not know any of our matters. This is the first book of Shia and is one of the secrets of Ale-Muhammad (a.s)”

Pages: 483


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